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Aimee S. Lin

Facilitating Calm And Productive Employer-Employee Disputes

At Sato Lin LLC, attorney Aimee Lin is committed to helping employers and employees reach practical and pragmatic resolutions to their disputes. She serves employment law clients in New York City and New Jersey and brings 20 years of experience to every case she handles. She prides herself on her commitment and dedication to her clients’ well-being.

Sato Lin LLC‘s Philosophy On Employment Law Disputes

Many employment law firms have an “I win, you lose” mentality when handling disagreements between employers and employees. Aimee believes that this approach hurts both sides in the long term, as nasty, drawn-out legal battles can lead to burned bridges, damaged careers and tarnished reputations. When a client comes to her with an issue, she does what she can to help them see their situation from a practical perspective before engaging in litigation. She may encourage clients to mediate or arbitrate before going to trial, as these options can be timelier and more cost-efficient.

She also understands that not every employment issue will result in a mutual or civil resolution. In these circumstances, she will go to court when necessary.

Aimee’s Experience

Aimee is skilled in alternative dispute resolution approaches like mediation and arbitration and can also engage in litigation in federal and state courts.

Some of the issues she tackles include:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Workplace harassment
  • Employer retaliation
  • Employment contracts

Aimee can also advise both employers and employees to help them avoid disputes before they happen. She primarily offers advisory counsel for large companies with numerous employees. Her goal with clients is to support a positive and liability-free work environment.

Work With A Knowledgeable And Diplomatic Employment Law Lawyer

Aimee’s clients can expect the highest-quality service and representation when working with the firm. She will always offer them practical and strategic advice in an effort to help them move toward the most desirable outcomes possible.

To learn more about her offerings, those facing employment law disputes can schedule an initial consultation by calling 973-834-3175 or reaching out through the firm’s online contact form.