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Aimee S. Lin

Practical Representation For Workplace Misconduct Disputes

Workplace mistreatment of any kind can be costly for both employers and employees. How that mistreatment gets handled can have numerous implications for a company, its workers and its reputation.

When employers or employees find themselves involved in workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation, they can seek practical legal guidance from attorney Aimee Lin at Sato Lin LLC. She takes the time to walk through everything with her clients and aims to get the facts straight before pursuing the case. That way, she can help clients seek productive resolutions.

Understanding Harassment, Retaliation And Discrimination

People hear about these terms quite a bit these days. So, what do they mean? Here are the legal definitions:

  • Harassment: Harassment refers to any workplace behavior that someone may find offensive. This can include unwanted comments, physical touching, inappropriate jokes, quid pro quo, or any conduct that makes a work environment hostile or toxic.
  • Retaliation: Retaliation refers to an employer punishing an employee for calling out harassment, discrimination or other unethical workplace behavior. Retaliation can manifest in an employer demoting or firing an employee for reporting or speaking about toxic workplace issues.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination refers to mistreating someone in the workplace because of their protected class, including their race, gender, disability, age or religion. Workplace discrimination can show up in hiring practices and derogatory comments by management and other employees. It can also manifest when employers subject certain groups of employees to different types of treatment but not others.

All three of these terms play into each other, and the signs of each can overlap. Employers and employees should take these matters seriously and seek the help of experienced legal counsel to address allegations of workplace misconduct effectively.

Sato Lin LLC Can Help Mitigate Your Dispute

The sensitive nature of workplace harassment, retaliation and discrimination disputes requires help from counsel with a sensible approach. Seeking a positive outcome requires a thorough investigation and understanding of both parties’ perspectives and the challenges they both face.

To find out more about how to engage in these disputes successfully, schedule an initial consultation at Sato Lin LLC by calling 973-834-3175 or completing the firm’s online contact form. Aimee accepts cases in New York City and New Jersey.