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Aimee S. Lin

Seek An Alternative Approach To Disputes Through Mediation

Disputes between parties always come with a cost. This is especially true when a party is a small business or an individual, where there can be a significant monetary or emotional toll.

Attorney Aimee Lin, at Sato Lin LLC, is here to help. She can bring parties to the table and help bridge seemingly impossible gaps. It does not matter whether the dispute is in litigation, heading for trial or just beginning; she can use mediation to manage conflicts so that the parties can move on with their businesses and lives.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where a neutral third party – a mediator – facilitates discussions between two disputing parties. During mediation, the mediator helps the two sides work through their disagreement and helps them find a mutual and workable solution.

Employers and employees can benefit from mediation because the process is typically more timely, private, and cost-effective than a trial. However, if mediation can’t resolve the dispute, both parties can still settle matters in court.

When Mediation Can Be Useful For Employment Disputes

Here are a few examples of types of disputes that can benefit from mediation:

  • Discrimination claims: If an employee feels like they are facing mistreatment, then they can express their concerns to their employer through mediation and work on a resolution that helps both parties serve each other better moving forward.
  • Employment contract disputes: In industries where employers and employees are bound together by contractual relationships, mediation can help facilitate productive discussions if one party violates their contractual obligations or wishes to exit or modify the contract before the renewal date.
  • Severance disputes: If employers have to fire or lay off employees, then mediation can help both parties advocate for a fair severance package that meets the needs of both the employer and employee.
  • Noncompete disputes: Noncompete disputes can create tension and conflict among employers and employees. Mediation can provide a more comprehensive approach to noncompete negotiations to help parties modify it to address each of their concerns.

Mediation can be used for almost any employment law dispute to save both sides time and money in handling their disagreements. Aimee draws much of her philosophy on employment law from her experience as a mediator. She understands that employers and employees have interests that they want to pursue but that those issues can conflict. Instead of helping one side win at the expense of the other, she wants to find common ground and allow both parties to meet in the middle. That way, both can leave negotiations feeling satisfied about the outcome.

Engage In Calm, Thoughtful Mediation – Contact Aimee Today

Sometimes, fighting to win at all costs can backfire in employment disputes. Mediation can allow both parties to walk away feeling satisfied with the results. Aimee has the experience, tools and resources to help clients engage in productive and meaningful conversations about their issues. Learn more about this approach to mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in an initial consultation by calling Aimee at 973-834-3175 or reaching out via her contact form.